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2016 Tax Checklist

Welcome to Tax Season 2017 for 2016 tax return preparation

Pre-Booked Tax Appointment Post Card Reminders were sent out the last two weeks of December 2016

If you did not receive your Appointment reminder card by now that means you do not have a tax appointment scheduled yet

Please call our office today to schedule your tax appointment and reserve your preferred date and time

Call Jeannie NOW at (909) 627-7007
Why use us?
  • Our company has maintained a record of continual existence and service for 32 Tax Seasons as a California corporation serving southern Ca and beyond.
  • Our people are your valuable resource as we continue to retain talented employees who have been fully screened, vetted, educated, tested, and reviewed so to provide continuous service all year, every year.
  • Our corporate culture is displayed by the character of our people and their interest in our clients being served with the utmost of confidentiality as well as continually providing you the highest level of security and latest technology available today.
  • Our education and annual training is taken seriously and in addition to our degrees and designations, all of us maintain or exceed the continuing education requirements of IRS, FTB, and many professional organizations to which we belong.
  • Our services and year-round office hours can assist you with all types and years of tax return preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, audit assistance, incorporating service and general tax and business consulting at competitive prices.
This season’s offers:
Free – Dependent/Student 2016 federal tax return of wages earned
Free – E-file – IRS opens E-filing January 23rd
Free – Direct Deposit to checking, savings, and debit cards
Free – Interest free Refund Advance Loan
Free – Access to a digital copy of your tax return year round
$25 – Send-A-Friend Referral fee paid to you